About Us

Negotiating Business Challenges

The Indian corporate landscape is extremely potential with tons of opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs to leverage, but there are steep challenges that manifest more often than most corporates anticipate. This is where Subrato's relationship building acumen comes to the fore. He leads a team of experts who are adept at understanding, communicating and disentangling complications. The team has strong relationships with influencers and cross-media managers which help in mitigating business-regressive environments. Subrato has successfully helped many companies in the past with his ability to connect meaningfully with multi-cultural and multi-lingual audiences.

Pan Indian Global Clientele

His pan-global clientele includes but is not limited to corporate giants, celebrities, sportspersons and high net worth individuals (HNI) who have benefited from Subrato’s access to a diverse set of problem solving tools and mass influencers who can motivate haphazard demographics to be more business-conducive. His core strength lies in strong negotiation and out-of-court settlements which have been instrumental in helping his clients emerge out of legal, workers union and local administration complications.

Subrato is a Justice Reform Manager. He is a facilitator, a problem solver, a negotiator and an avid industry stalwart with several years of corporate reformation successes under his belt. Additionally, he has also assisted his clientele with acquisition of IT and telecommunications services and support. Subrato is an ex-IAF official and has served his 11 years tenure with distinction and honour. He started his career as a Fighter Pilot and was promoted to rank of Squadron leader. Since then he has been active in the corporate world assisting companies with his vast people-networking and reformation skills.