Extentions Of EPR Plan

E-waste recycling infrastructure consists of E-waste collectors, transporters, dismantlers and recyclers in informal sector as dominant stakeholders, who are linked to each other as part of trade chain. Recycling operations in informal sector are leading to “emissions of toxics & occupational hazards” and are potential health and environmental risks. Though the formal sector operates as a downstream partner, it is not able to establish itself as a competitor to informal sector. Therefore, policy and regulatory intervention based on “Extended Producer Responsibility” (EPR), which can arrest the geographical distribution of toxic footprint was identified as the primary need for E-waste management in India.

Partner with Pegasus
At Pegasus we believe in recycling the waste in an environmentally sound manner. We offer exclusive E waste management services that adhere to the strict guidelines as laid down by the government to ensure effective and safe disposal of the waste. Partnering with us means best in technology would be used for the purpose and the waste would be handled in a way that it would not have any effect on the environment of the people around. We take full responsibility of the EPR programme so that all you have to do is get in touch with us and leave behind the worry of managing the process and instead get to focus on your other important business activities.