Pegasus works closely with key stakeholders within organizations, councils, statutory bodies, agencies and government to find solutions that are unique and definitive. We help you find a solution to legal settlements that are taxable. Leveraging our insightful experiences and capabilities we arrive at solutions based on positive interactions which save your time and facilitate hassle-free set up and operation of your business with services like export and import consultancy, copyright services etc.

Pegasus offers services in the following domains:

  • >>B2G (Specialized in Digital India, Smart City & other DGS&D Contract Business)
  • >>Legal Settlements
  • >>e-Waste Management
  • >>Government Negotiations
  • >>Formation of Companies in India
  • >>Export And Import Consultancy
  • >>Consultancy for SME Owners
  • >>Liaison With Workers/Employees
  • >>Business Consultancy Services
  • >>Trademark Services
  • >>Copyright Services
  • >>Patent Services

We assure that once you have associated with us, we will take care of all liaising tasks, leaving you worry-free to manage your other business obligations.